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We use the power of several AI layers to simplify the entire analytics process and unlock hidden information within your data.

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How our Intelligent Data Assistant (IDA) works?

1  Data Engineering & Setup

The platform leverages the use of automated Machine Learning system which identifies the best consolidation method for your data. Simplifying the process to setup and maximize the business value from your data.

2  Ready-to-use Insights

Our collection of Machine Learning models automatically identifies the hidden patterns in your data by clustering and monitoring it overtime. Revealing the most interesting information.

3  Understand User Requests

We employ different Deep Learning and Machine Learning algorithms in combination with pre-trained Large Language Models (LLM) to understand clients’ requests through the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) of our IDA.

4  Find the Answer

The combination of NLU with our own Neural Based Models models allows a google-like search engine which empowers the Natural Language Generation (NLG) of IDA. It makes it easy for non-technical users to extract necessary information at the right moment.

5  Generate a Visualization

Visualization tools are the most prominent type of models in our platform, because of our NLU capabilities we can understand what users want and generate a visualization with a synopsis that corresponds to customer needs/requests.

6  Continuous Learning

Most importantly, our platform is centred around the user. The IDA is always collecting feedback and working to improve itself as a platform over time, ensuring that you're in control of the process.