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Quickly respond to your daily business problems with actionable insights and scenario analysis tailored to your  needs.

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Improve your Business Results
with Orbitas AI-powered Analytics Platform

Find Growth Opportunities

Keep track of clients' sales cycle, understand customer behavior, and identify which customers are leaving

Anticipate Issues

Understand customer's credit risk profiles, identify good and bad payers and keep an eye on overall  credit exposure

Pick the Best Clients

Prioritize customers based on the likelihood of purchase, credit risk profile and product in-stock

Make better and faster decisions

Fast Analytics

Never wait weeks for reports again, always have the right insight at your fingertips.

Ask Questions, Get Answers

Google-like search to ask business questions and get instant answers with charts and text summaries.

Business Headlines

Quickly identify what's driving business results with insights you might not even know existed

Get Decision Support

Evaluate multiple criteria together to maximize results